Estate Planning

Far too many people put off the task of estate planning until it is too late. Some believe they are too young to think about death, others feel that it is only for the wealthy, or think that estate planning is too expensive and complicated, while others simply wish to avoid the issue altogether. An estate plan is a set of documents that include your instructions for distributing your assets after your death, or to make known your healthcare decisions should you become incapacitated. It details who receives your assets, what they receive, when they receive it, and may include guardianship instructions for minor children, or healthcare directives.


Depending on your needs, your Estate Plan may be comprised of just a Will or a Trust, or it may be much more comprehensive. As your needs and circumstances change over time, the Estate Plan should also change. The end goal of an Estate Plan is to see that your final wishes are carried out with the least amount of taxes, legal fees, and court costs.

Each of our clients has their own unique estate planning requirements. Because we spend time with our clients to understand their particular needs and concerns, we are equipped to help them:

  • Define their estate planning goals
  • Discuss estate planning options
  • Organize and review estate planning documents such as wills, trusts, healthcare and power of attorney
  • Address the problems and expenses of probate
  • Address the issue of estate and trust taxes
  • Lessen taxes at time of death
  • Act as Personal Representative to assist in the distribution of your estate
  • Recommend Attorneys that can prepare estate documents

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